Teravail Galena 32c tubeless setup

Not the easiest tubeless tire to set up on a Velocity A23 with two turns of Stan’s tape. They went on too easily, and required quite a bit of the irish (remove stem cores and slam them with a shop compressor) to get the beads seated.  

Each tire has 30 ml of Orange Seal and the sidewalls seem to be pretty porous, as evidenced by the soapy bubbles ;). 

Originally, these were intended to be on my 2nd gen Salsa Colossal, but at a reliable 34mm measured width on both a HED C2+ and a Velocity A23, they wouldn’t comfortably fit. Now, they will ride on my Campagnolo-equipped Soma ES road+ bike, which has a bit more room. 


Friday, after work, I rode with a co-worker who is better equipped, more fit, younger, and 70lbs lighter than I am. 

I rolled out on a 10.5kg steel road bike with a leather saddle, and he rolls out with a BMC Road Machine on HED Stinger wheels. 

You’re killing me, Paul. 

Next ride, I’ll take my Colossal. Not any lighter, but a bit more pro. I’ve been riding this bike on the trainer, in a vain attempt at building some fitness before Land Run 100. Which, naturally, got me to thinking about changes.

Some things, like the lever position on the bars, are things I never got right during the rebuild. Others, like the Wickwerks chainrings, are because SRAM front shifts suck butt.