Surly War (Karate) Monkey

This is such a weird bike for me, it’s the antithesis of any bike I’ve built: zip ties, mismash components, FLAT BARS. I love it. It’s as reliable as a hammer, and about as sturdy. I’ve crashed it going 20 mph and it didn’t even fuck up the stickers. 

Tomorrow morning is a coffee run to test my King Universal Support Bolt (USB) cage and my Revelate designs frame bag. That’s a size 8 Surly frame bag by Revelate on a Large Karate Monkey, for reference. The beer is Zip Line Kölsch, for reference. 

Speedplay Ultra Light Action: First Ride

40 miles of pavement and gravel, love them! I liked them so much, that I bought up the Light Action cleats at The Bike Way and converted my other road shoes in Omaha to Speedplay cleats. 

I like the walkable cleats #lowasfuck stack height on a 4-bolt shoe. I had to drop my saddle height a full cm to compensate.  On 3-bolt road shoes, I prefer the v.2 cleats with cafe covers. I think they fit the sole contours better. 

The zero tension float is kinda weird at first, but it starts to feel normal quickly. By comparison, my Crank Brothers Eggbeaters on the War Monkey feel tight.

Those Lake CX300 shoes, otoh hurt my feet, and the carbon soles are slicker than goose shit. 😐