Wickwërks Chainring upgrade (and mod)

I love spending money on bike shit. Jesus, If I rode a mike for every dollar I spent, it would be a phenominal amount of miles. 

So, when Paul crushed me, among other things that occured to me (lose weight, htfu, buy aero wheels), was that I’d been eager to try Wickwërks chainrings. 

I ordered the 50/34 set for my 5-arm SRAM Force crankset, only to find out they didn’t fit! The chain keeper pin was too long, argh!

So, I did want anyone else who just spent $170 on a set of custom-machined chainrings would do: I got out the file and went to work. 

Perfect fit, even managed a reasonable radius to match the crankarm. 


Surly War (Karate) Monkey

This is such a weird bike for me, it’s the antithesis of any bike I’ve built: zip ties, mismash components, FLAT BARS. I love it. It’s as reliable as a hammer, and about as sturdy. I’ve crashed it going 20 mph and it didn’t even fuck up the stickers. 

Tomorrow morning is a coffee run to test my King Universal Support Bolt (USB) cage and my Revelate designs frame bag. That’s a size 8 Surly frame bag by Revelate on a Large Karate Monkey, for reference. The beer is Zip Line Kölsch, for reference.