Campagnolo Record Crank cleanup

I don’t recommend ordering used cranks, especially used cranks that take $300 chainrings. But, if the price is right, (like $189 for Campy Record CT crankset), and you’re planning on replacing the rings anyway, (like with Rotor Q Rings), go for it. 


After new rings, bearings, seals, and cups:

New Rotor Q Rings, ordered from Deutschland, $190 instead of $280 domestic. The Dollar is strong right now. 

Total cost:

  • Used Record CT Ultra Torque Crank $189
  • Rotor Q Rings 50/34 110/113 BCD $189
  • New Campy ceramic CULT bearings $35
  • New UT BB Cups $26

Total: $439 for a Campy Record crank with new rings and BB. I’m happy. 

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