2015 Corporate Cycling Challenge

I love the Corporate Cycling Challenge, it’s the Disney Marathon of Omaha cycling events. It’s a hilarious not-a-race, that scores of erstwhile heros feel needs to happen. Meanwhile, others just ride bikes.


I was quite skeptical this morning, there was a lot of Fred present. Over 5000 riders participated this year.


I rode the 42 mile route with my pal Val, this was the longest distance she had ever tried. The mass start is always a riot. Don’t clip in too early, that was my advice to Val. Once we clear the Riverfront, it opens up. The first climb when the group turns up Highway 75 towards Fort Calhoun is enough to stack the pack up.


Overall, it’s not a tremendous amount of climbing, however some of them are a little bit steep, especially if your miles come mostly on bike paths. I have to admit, that on some climbs, I trolled a few fragile male egos. It always backfired, because I would have to wait for Val, but it was still fun.


Not for climbing is not something I want on my bike, just sayin.


This was a section of the old Lincoln Highway. The riders loved the cobbles. They didn’t do so well with railroad crossings, there was a large group pileup 5 miles from the finish, when it appears that a group stacked up heading into a railroad crossing.

Total distance: 41 miles, 1565 ft of climbing.


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