Soma Grand Randonneur v. 2 ride review

  Earlier, I shared my thoughts about building a Soma GR2, but I never wrote about riding one. 

I’ve put about 200 miles on gravel roads on it since completing it about 5 weeks ago. So, in no particular order:

  • This bike handles better downhill at high speeds on gravel than any bike I have ridden, including a Salsa Warbird. In fact, with a handlbar bag and fenders, it handles better. 
  • Conversely, it feels weird and twitchy at low speeds. Basically, the faster you go, the better it handles. 
  • For my weight (230 lbs), the frame feels very springy and supple. This is nice sometimes, and not so nice others. Generally, I like it, but if I’m not being smooth, it bounces with my effort more than a stiff frame does. 
  • That springy-flexyness also means they handle poorly when you have to ride the brakes. This is a bike that likes to be given lots of lead. 
  • Built up, these are not lightweight bikes. Racks and fenders and lights add a lot of weight, so they are not awesome climbers. Then again, neither am I.

One thought on “Soma Grand Randonneur v. 2 ride review

  1. richdirector April 28, 2016 / 4:42 am

    looking at this bike as replacement tourer over my mercian 700c – sounds good


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