Rides I want to do: Amtrak 2 day gravel road rando

Amtrak 2 day gravel road rando

2 nights, 2 days Amtrak Lincoln (LNK) to Holdrege (HLD) ($36.00 one-way) load bicycle on train, arrive in Holdrege at 03:00, nap, have  breakfast, and depart at first light. Ride 81 miles to Twin Oaks Motel in Clay Center, NE on Day 1, ride 88 miles to Lincoln on Day 2.

I’d pop my Salsa Colossal onto the train in Lincoln, and stuff a little gear into a bag, and ride back home on gravel and paved roads.


**update** this wont work, Amtrak loads bicycles as luggage, which is available in Lincoln, but unloading luggage is not available in Holdrege. I had an opportunity to speak with the conductor in Lincoln about this. Damn.

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