Speedplay Ultra Light Action: First Ride

40 miles of pavement and gravel, love them! I liked them so much, that I bought up the Light Action cleats at The Bike Way and converted my other road shoes in Omaha to Speedplay cleats. 

I like the walkable cleats #lowasfuck stack height on a 4-bolt shoe. I had to drop my saddle height a full cm to compensate.  On 3-bolt road shoes, I prefer the v.2 cleats with cafe covers. I think they fit the sole contours better. 

The zero tension float is kinda weird at first, but it starts to feel normal quickly. By comparison, my Crank Brothers Eggbeaters on the War Monkey feel tight.

Those Lake CX300 shoes, otoh hurt my feet, and the carbon soles are slicker than goose shit. ­čśÉ

Speedplay´╗┐ Ultra Light Action – First Impression

Wow, these are a trip. Super sure and easy, at least on the trainer. Speedplay says you need to lower your saddle, my first try at it is 1cm lower, I suppose it may go lower still. 

I mounted these up on some Speedplay 4-bolt Lake CX300 Carbon road shoes I picked up on clearance from The Pro’s Closet. Yeah, my curiosity  currently has about a $300 price tag. 

One final observation: the little cleat plugs Speedplay provides with the walkable cleats are a total joke. 

Soma Grand Randonneur v. 2 ride review

  Earlier, I shared my thoughts about building a Soma GR2, but I never wrote about riding one. 

I’ve put about 200 miles on gravel roads on it since completing it about 5 weeks ago. So, in no particular order:

  • This bike handles better downhill at high speeds on gravel than any bike I have ridden, including a Salsa Warbird. In fact, with a handlbar bag and fenders, it handles better. 
  • Conversely, it feels weird and twitchy at low speeds. Basically, the faster you go, the better it handles. 
  • For my weight (230 lbs), the frame feels very springy and supple. This is nice sometimes, and not so nice others. Generally, I like it, but if I’m not being smooth, it bounces with my effort more than a stiff frame does. 
  • That springy-flexyness also means they handle poorly when you have to ride the brakes. This is a bike that likes to be given lots of lead. 
  • Built up, these are not lightweight bikes. Racks and fenders and lights add a lot of weight, so they are not awesome climbers. Then again, neither am I.